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Comment on Rgessimai's Theory's Page

Posted by MaxseilFaire - May 14th, 2021

I only really cared to look into MC11 because I was curious about the examination of it on this post. That being said, I may make a mistake due to my lack of in-depth synopsis of the previous episodes.

I do not think that there is contention between Tricky and the Auditor in 'hell' (let's just call this place Necrova (a portmanteau of Nevada and the prefix 'necro-')). There is instead a force capable of revivification and even possibly creation of new life which has relation to anyone who wears the halo. Let me explain: When the savior had access to the halo, he was seemingly able to return from death without any extraneous help. Furthermore, he presumably is resuscitated in a manner similar to the way Tricky was in the first part of MC11 (pulled upwards), making me think that the halo is something that gives people control of Necrova and also forces their return from death. Think about it: if Tricky had some sort of necromancing ability, you'd think he would have revived himself prior to being engorged by the Auditor. This means that Tricky doesn't have an innate power of ostensible omnipotence in Necrova and thus can't return from *death* death; the two are coexistent. Also yes, I do acknowledge that Tricky has been 'revived' autonomously before -- I will get to that later.

If this wasn't already apparent, I believe Necrova to be an orchestration of the Auditor as opposed to it being a natural residence for those who are dead. Moreover, when we see who I believe to be the Auditor jump back up into the overworld, there is more advertency to it than is the case with Tricky. This leads me to believe that there must be some sort of teleological connection between the Auditor and Necrova. This is because the Auditor has what we see to be preponderant control over Necrova -- enough so that he can literally leave at will. The halo, on the other hand, is, in my opinion, a device made by the Auditor.

All of the original main antagonists are immediately discriminable by their unique abilities: Tricky originally had a jetpack, but then he seemed to have received some sort of machine that activates when he nears death, which makes him transmogrify into a created encompassed by white fire (closely related to his jetpack, is it not?), with the machine's destruction finally resulting in his death (for the time being); the Savior has a halo, which I have already covered; the Sheriff . . . well, uhm . . . the Sheriff doesn't seem to have any powers, but he does have a hat (lol). Don't worry - I can explain why the Sheriff doesn't have any power, or more particularly, why the Savior and Tricky do: Both the Savior and Tricky are characters either made or edited by the Auditor with the intention to help the agency. The reason the Sheriff doesn't have any powers is possibly because of the means by which the Auditor provides powers to certain individuals: Necrova. If this were the case, then only through death could you accrue any such power. Furthermore, they're archetypes and seem to follow the theme of their archetype. Take, for instance, Tricky: he doesn't have much of an end-game and yet he has a path which he follows or just a theme that catalyzes all of his decisions. The same could be argued for the Savior, except the Savior has an incredulous endgame. "Why not just make them incapable of revolt?" I never really argued that they were created or edited to be the way they are to incontrovertibly help with the agency -- I just said that they were created with the agency in mind. But, hell - if that is true, maybe they went rouge after the Sheriff died due to their pathology being bugged out.

Allow me to home in on the halo: The halo provides its user with a necromancing ability and telekinesis, but the Auditor is Nevada's ostensible god; regardless of who wears the halo, the Auditor will always be omnipotent. The halo, too, is a means of direct contact with Necrova, which might be why the Auditor, despite being its creator, cares about procuring it back into his possession. This is because the halo is a part of him or once was a part of him -- the part that he entrusted to the Savior since they were symbiotic at one point in time -- and this part of him is the one that gives him immediate access to both realms (i.e., Necrova and Nevada). I mean, when the Savior is using the halo, it seems as though he is using powers that we, too, see possessed by the Auditor, but pose more resemblance to the Auditor than vice versa; the Auditor even seems to have remote control over the user of the halo.

I don't have many more characters remaining (this was originally a comment, as specified in the title), so I'll just leave a list of a few things I wanted to cover and hope you can infer what I am trying to communicate:

Both the Savior and Tricky were maybe given access to Necrova (through their hallmark abilities) and just recently had their powers revoked.

The Auditor uses Necrova to try to kill Tricky since he has more power there.

Two signs in MC11 around Necrova seem to be germane with what is wanted by the Auditor (e.g., remove clown, etc.); the signs' writer seems to think he's known by the readers.

Tricky seemed to be confused when hank was resuscitated in MC7.

2BD can mechanically access Necrova (and he used to work for the Auditor.)

I might edit this at a later date.